Let me start by just saying a big fat welcome to my blog! Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say and hopefully what I write about interests you so you continue to read my blogs.

Well, it only seemed fitting to write the first post about myself seeing as though I am going to be letting you into my life. I’m sure you will all want to know as much as you can about me!

Let’s start with a brief background of my childhood…

So, my name, you all know me as Jessica Mason but you can call me Jess.

Here is a delightful picture of me and my two older brothers Ryan and Shane. I’m the youngest here and wow look at that hair! Seriously it looks like someone has stuck a bowl on my head and started chopping.

I was born and raised in West Yorkshire by my parents Sharron and Steve. I had a very privileged childhood and many happy memories, some I am sure I will share with you further down the line.

Oh look here is another happy memory. As you can see makeup and fashion was always a passion for me right from the get go! I think this picture was taken at a local carnival in Halifax and I was supposed to be a flamenco dancer. I can’t remember if there was a competition or not but by my smile in this picture I was just happy to be taking part.

As you can see our parents wanted us to express ourselves and be creative. This picture says it all really. It was bonfire night and rather than have your usual nice family photo, we decide to pull our worst faces and pose! Good times!

Fast forward a few years and I’ve hit my full on girly stage. Everything was pink! I love this photo because the dress that I’m wearing is actually my mum’s that she’s altered to fit me. It was World Book Day at school and I was Cinderella. I felt every bit the Princess!

It wasn’t long before a new addition joined the family. This is my younger brother Harvey and I love him lots! It was hard to lose the ‘youngest’ status but at least I was still the only girl! It was nice looking after a younger brother especially as my older ones had grown up and moved out. Having Harvey around meant I could teach him games I used to play as a kid and he was good company I suppose…

Fast forward again a few years and here is what happened in my first driving lesson with a tractor! My dad years and years ago swapped his car for this bike. Apparently that’s how much it was worth ‘back in the day’. So after I drove straight over it with a tractor my dad was horrified. I think his expression in this picture is pure disbelief and I’m just like ‘ooops’!

This picture was taken a couple of years ago. We all have busy lives and live in different countries so it was great to get us all together. I think this was the first picture in ten years where we were all I  the same room at the same time! Pretty awesome.

So I feel you now know a lot more about me and I hope you like what you’ve seen. There is so much more about me that I want to share so please follow my blog for new posts and leave me comments to read!

Speak soon,

Love Jess



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