The chance to be a Superhero!

Most of you have probably seen the title of this blog and thought hmmmmmm the chance to be a Superhero….that sounds interesting. Well I hope as you continue reading this post that I do not disappoint.

So last year I spent some time reflecting on my life and realised I wasn’t happy. I was lazy, overweight, unhealthy and unmotivated just to name a few emotions. I’d just got to the point that I didn’t really care about anything and I would waste my life by going to work and then when I wasn’t at work I would just binge on junk food and watch TV. I smoked around 20 cigarettes a day and even though I didn’t drink everyday when I did go out, I would drink to excess and then regret it completely the next day!

(I hate this picture. It was taken of me when I went to visit my parents in France. You can see how miserable I am).

It was a vicious cycle and I knew I had to do something about it because A) I was ridiculously unhealthy and B) I was bloody miserable!

So I started making baby steps and began exercising and eating healthier food. I couldn’t believe how changing just two ways of how I lived my life affected me so dramatically. I instantly felt better. I remember it being like 3 days and saying to Steve (my fiance) I can’t believe it. I had so much more energy and I wanted to go outdoors and do things! When I came home I spent time tidying the house rather than watching TV and I learnt how to cook. The best thing was I found that I really enjoyed cooking and I restricted myself to one takeaway a month as a treat. I also quit smoking. Now I’ve already written an entire blog post on quitting smoking so I won’t go into too much detail here but it was one of the best decisions I ever made and my skin and my health have never been better!

(Here is a much happier me! I love running but I find it soooooo hard. My legs need to get stronger).

(Another happy picture of me outside. We went for a really long walk that day in the Forest of Dean).

The weight soon started to go. Not quickly, trust me it doesn’t go away overnight no matter how many crazy diets you try, but it did go. My confidence started to grow and so did my ambition and this is where I decided that I wanted to become a Superhero!

Now a long story cut short, a friend of mine had set up a Charity. He was an adventurer and writer and had done some pretty amazing and inspiring challenges of his own to begin with. This involved cycling on a second hand push bike from Bangkok in Thailand to Gloucester in the UK. It was around 14000 miles and took him around 11 months to complete it! He also ran over 5000 miles from one end of Canada to the other! Wow! I know right! He is an inspiration to a lot of people and he is to me. His name is Jamie Macdonald.

So after completing a few challenges of his own he set up his own charity to support others in their challenges to raise money. It is called the Superhero Foundation.

Here are a few pictures of Jamie and the bike he rode over 14000 miles!!!

After following all of Jamie’s blogs and YouTube videos on his adventures and seeing not only what he achieved in raising money for charity but also self achievement I knew I had to go see him. He inspired me that I could make a difference and I wanted to change my life and others. So I sent him a message asking for a meeting and said that I had a challenge in mind I would like to attempt and I wanted to do it on behalf of the Superhero Foundation! Jamie was over the moon and within a week we had a meeting set up.

I decided that my challenge was going to be Tough Mudder 2017! Now for those of you who don’t know Tough Mudder is an extreme running event that covers 12 miles with 20 obsticals! These obsticals include everything from icebaths to monkey bars 30 ft in the air and even being electrocuted! It is crazy and for those who know me personally I am terrified!

I am determined to complete it and with a smile on my face! I want to earn that Superhero status as I cross that finish line. It is on the 20th August this year so I have plenty of time to train! I am hoping to raise £1000.00 for the Superhero Foundation and I will try and share the link to my just giving page for any readers who would like to give a donation. If you don’t want to that’s fine just share my story instead. The more people that hear about my challenge the better!

(Unfortunately I couldn’t share my link for some reason…so here’s a screen shot instead. You will have to search for me but it’s worth it I promise)!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions or want to hear more about certain bits I have written about then leave me a comment!

Lots of love

Jess xxx


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