No Alcohol For A Year!

Oh my! Just look at that face. I have no idea what I was drinking in this picture, it looks like a fish bowl of tar! I’m that classy I’m not even using the bloody straws….come on Jess! Clearly I also thought that fluorescent pink was a great colour. I’m just going to call this my Paris Hilton phase and leave it there…..

This is a small improvement. I’m drinking what looks like a beer and posing with a random mannequin which is naked from the waist down. I’m not sure why I’m pulling that face but it looks like I’m either shocked or scared of him but at the same time thinking he’s cool.

Oooh let me take a selfie! I’m seeing a common theme with these fish bowls and cocktails. Pina Colada was always my favorite but only because whenever I ordered one I got to sing the song “Do you like Pina Colada, get caught in the rain.” Very ‘Sweetest Thing’.

The reason I am sharing these pictures with you is because I want to show you how much fun I had whilst having a drink. Believe me there are plenty more pictures too! I loved having a laugh with my friends and getting drunk. Who doesn’t! It’s part of life, growing up and experiencing things.

What I didn’t use to enjoy was the hangovers the days after a few bevvys! I would suffer terribly! Once I surfaced I usually managed to crawl downstairs, down some water and paracetamol and crash on the sofa to which I stayed all day. If I was feeling OK I might attempt some breakfast but usually I would sleep until about 5pm then wolf down a roast dinner and go back to sleep. I literally spent my entire Sunday asleep which would frustrate me because when you only get two days off work a week and you spend one of then sleeping that can be rather annoying! 

So when I decided that I was going to change and become healthier and run Tough Mudder a part of me wanted to up the anti and I’d heard of dry January. 

Dry January is a challenge that people take on after New Year where they cut out alcohol for the whole of January! Now most people drink so much on New Year that the thought of going without alcohol for a month seems rather inviting at the time. I had that same feeling but I decided that one month wasn’t that much of a challenge so I would have a dry 2017! Yes you read right, I was going to go without alcohol for an entire year! People thought I was crazy which made me want to do it even more to prove them that I could!

I’m now 3 months in and still alcohol free. Costa is obviously my best friend and now they’ve even opened a drive through one down the road. Result! 

How am I coping?

I’m doing OK….I do find it really hard at times, especially when my friends and I go for a meal and everyone wants to go out dancing after and they are all drinking. At that point I usually call it a night as I find it too tempting. I’m still very new to this and definitely don’t want to crack so whilst I’m still in the weaning process I’m keeping away from surroundings that scream let’s get drunk all over them!

I am worried about the summer as I love nothing more at that time of year than to be sat basking in the sun with a nice cold beer. Wow even thinking about it now is making my mouth water…. However, I am determined to stay strong. I keep thinking of how I am going to feel at the end of the year once I’ve accomplished what I’ve set out to do. Who knows I may never pick up drinking again. I think this is highly unlikely but never say never!

I’m challenging myself this year in all aspects of my life because I believe I am strong enough to finish everything I start. I want to prove to myself more than others that once I set myself a goal I stick to it. I’m not a quitter!

Let me know if you’ve done a challenge like this before and if you have any tips to make it easier.

Lots of love

Jess xxx 


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